Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Teencats Who Wear Distressed Clothing More Likely To Actually Be Happy

Issaquah, WA

Distressed-look clothing has become a major favorite among teencats these days. More and more teencats are seen wearing the clothing, and to our suprise, they are not distressed at all.

In fact, they appear happier than those teencats wearing newly pressed shirts and pants that are not worn out with holes in them. The jeans pictured above sell for $205.00 at men's boutique Blackbird in Ballard.

Puss says the clothes make him feel ""

The items are sold as "new" but appear old and well worn-in, sometimes with gaping holes in the ass. These highly desirable items often cost more than other high quality shirts or pants that are sold in brand-new condition. That doesn't stop fashion savvy cats from buying them off the mall shelves quicker than stores can restock them.

"I bought a cool distressed Led Zeppelin shirt at Hot Topic and it immediately made me feel cool." said Puss in Boots, a Russian Blue teencat from Auburn "...I never thought an item of clothing could make me feel so good about myself."

Shown above is a "distressed" vintage T-shirt priced at $49.99

So why are cats wearing distressed clothing so happy? Well, it can perhaps be said that if they are savvy enough to have picked out the distressed-look clothing to begin with, that they have better fashion sense, leading to feelings of coolness. Thus, wearing the cool, used-looking, distressed items is said to lead to a better overall mood and feelings of increased happiness and joy.

A local momcat and her teencats wait outside Hot Topic at Alderwood Mall for the store to open

The clothing has become more popular in the past year and even middle-aged cats are wearing the trendy looks, sometimes getting the idea from their own teencats. The clothing are quite stylish, and people who wear them are then immediately seen as "hip," wearing the "in" look as sold in popular stores like Urban Outfitters, Abercrombie & Fitch, and American Eagle.

Indeed, Puss in Boots said herself that "...I have to keep my closet locked or my momcat will steal my Pink Floyd or Knight Rider shirts and wear them when I'm in school."

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