Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bad Spellers Of The World Untie In Seattle

Seattle, WA

The annual bad spellers of the World meeting was held in Seattel this morning at the Washington Staet Convention Center. The meeting united over 300 bad spellers in what has become an annual tradition in the Seattle area each January.

Licorice, a male, Domestic Short Hare Tabby kitten from Forks, said he enjoyed the travelling to get to the meeting and was excited for the soshal networking opportunity the meeting gave him. “I am a really bad speller and I have my own blog…” Licorice said, “…so you can see how detrimental spelling is for me.”

Licorice said as a blogger, spelling is “…detrimental” for him

The meeting was called to order around 8:00 am with the banging of a gavil. All members present gave information for the roster including names, addresses, blog information, and phone numbers.

There was a discushion of officer position opportunities and the responsibilities for each position as well as an opportunity to work with local cats from the Rotary Club.

Bad spelling can happne where you least expect it

A dicsussion was held creating five different committees to study different areas of interest to bad spellers including the new “LOLcat” phenomenon. A new, separate action committee was created to study the affects of bad spelling on the community as a whole.

“Bad spelling is as prevalent today as the common cold. No one knows how many spelling challenged people there are in the U.S., but it's a safe bet the number runs into the millions.“ Said Dander, a gray and white, 4-year-old Domestic Short Hair female from Auburn who headed this year’s advisory board, “What's more, most of us have certain words we consistently mispell no matter how hard we trie to get them right. Words such as millennium, segue, and brouhaha to name a few.

Dander is the first to satnd up and admit that she, too, is a bad speller

Other items discussed were the very latest of their own published ‘top ten most misspelled words,’ including; embarrassment, discipline, misspelled, a lot, changeable, and maintenance.

Each word was disgussed using a mnemonic devise to help cats remember how to spell the word. It was said that if you master the orthography of the words on the ‘most misspelled’ list you would reduce the time you spend searching in dictionaries by up to 50%.

Bad spelling is not limited to cats

The cats held a short discussion asking for volunteerz to help feed humans on President’s Day and see if there was any type of extra funding available.

Lastly, the cats discussed the associashun dues that will be collected starting next year in order to help fund the ever-growing annual meeting.

Copyright Sharyn Thoma-Guay


Accountant_Cat_Does Accounting said...

I realli liked this artikel, thankz for the spellingg advise.

Anonymous said...

Thankz, I learnded so moch.

1964redsock said...

Funny, and it took me a while to notice the untie/unite thing, which made it even funnier.

NYkitty said...

Every day I check this site, I'm dying laughing at the seriousness of it all. Thanks and to everyone, pass this on!

Joel said...

LOL. Bad spellers, kittens? I can spell real good.
"Your word is escape."