Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Local Cat Blames "Cat Fancy" As Source of Eating Disorder

Edmonds, WA

An Edmonds cat released from her 28-day inpatient rehabilitation stay Tuesday now blames the magazine "Cat Fancy" for her eating disorder. Miss Mary Max(pictured above in her driveway)a 6-year-old, spayed, Domestic Short Hair, said in a statement to the press that she found the models on the cover of the magazine to be "too much to keep up with." Miss Max told a tale of woe that started with discovering a ragged and dog-eared pile of Cat Fancy magazines in the garage, next to her husband's litterbox.

"I confronted him about it" she said tearily "he said that he was only feline, and that he had no control over his need to look at this type of magazine." Soon afterwards her eating issues began.

The magazines made her feel bad about her self-image

Miss Max said that she began to be too critical of herself, comparing her plump, fluffy body in the mirror to the images of the svelte, underfed kittens in Cat Fancy. "I couldn't compete, those kittens are years younger than me" she said. It appears to be true that the kittens portrayed in this magazine are often young in years, often are purebreds, and usually are very slender. The magazine has faced this controversy before. In 2000, they were accused of setting up unfair expectations of body weight and size for young teencats.

Cat Fancy did not have much to say on this issue. "We try to mix in photos of older cats, but readers demands cute, cuddly, or sexy, svelte purebreds" said Jasper, a 9- year-old, neutered and former-Feral, Domestic Short Hair, who is the photo and content editor for the magazine. The photo on the left is just one example of the slim, purebred, fantasy cat personification that ultimately led Miss Max to a dangerous and life-threatening cycle of self-doubt.

Sadly, for Miss Max, those cute, cuddly kittens became an obsession that spiraled out of control. Miss Max began bingeing and purging her cat food whenever possible, avoiding naps in favor of extra mouse patrol, and at one point just flat out refused to eat. Doctors said that she had a rare mixture of both bulemia and anorexia, a very dangerous disorder that kills 10% of those affected.

Many models openly admit to being victims of eating disorders

Miss Max's husband, Malfoy, didn't help the issue by rebelling and hanging up the cute centerfold posters and even a kitty calendar in their garage just to spite her. "It got so I could barely stand myself" she said, "I felt that I was being objectified and that if I didn't look like those other cats...I wasn't pretty."

Twiggy, a model popular in the 1960's admitted to eating troubles in her past

Miss Max shed tears to Gazette reporters recalling the incidents, "No one deserves that, no one." Miss Max entered and completed an intensive course for treating eating disorders at the renowned "Center for Feline Wellness" in Edmonds, Wa.

She plans to divorce Malfoy, watch more Oprah, and work towards keeping a positive body image.

Copyright Sharyn Thoma-Guay


SkinnyLatte said...

Thanks god! it is about time men realise what they are doing to us. I mean, male cats! Um, yeah!

Ottery said...

aw so sad :(

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Sorta like the dang SI Swimsuit Issue, which I haaaatte!