Saturday, February 28, 2009

Local Cat Captures Wild Band Of Dust Bunnies

Seattle, WA

It was a sunny winter afternoon at the Scott residence in the Greenlake area of Seattle where Homer Scott, an 8-month-old, neutered, Domestic Short Hair was just about to settle down for his usual nap on the stairs. All seemed well and good until Homer spotted a roving band of wild dust bunnies making their way across the floor below him.

The dust bunnies had quietly started their movement, stealthily encroaching towards the hallway leading towards the bathroom from a hidden enclave in the corner under the china cabinet. “I sensed something was off.” Homer told Seattle police, who were later called to the scene to collect the captured dust bunnies. "Something was amiss, I could just smell it in the air."

Dust bunnies, a mass of very small particles of dirt, especially hair and skin particles, are formed and held clumped together by static electricity. Homer said that his momcat had always taught him to be wary of dust bunnies because they could potentially house dangerous parasites and/or dust mites.

The dust bunnies were “…huge…” said Homer

"My momcat always said that if I didn’t keep my room clean, that it would be haunted by dust bunnies, but I was keeping it real clean, so I instantly knew these were rogue dust bunnies." Homer stated. "She also told me that they can gather up inside of electronic stuff, like my computer and my Play Station 3 and make them get real hot and even break them!" Homer said that the imminent threat to his precious games and internet access was what forced him to act quickly to corral the dust bunnies and alert the police.

Homer stated that he was rubbing his nose in the warm carpet of the stairs, about to fall asleep in the sun, which was beaming down upon him from a high window, when a slight movement caught his eye and he jumped to full attention.

The house where Homer captured the dust bunnies

“At first,I saw just one dust bunny, then suddenly two, then three more came rolling out from under the cabinet. They were menacing, so scary and huge. I was really scared.“ Homer recalled stopping in his tracks when the dust bunnies seemed to multiply before his eyes and then made his decision to attack them. “Nobody else was home.” Homer continued, “I knew I had to take care of this problem all alone or not at all.”

Homer crept slowly down the stairwell at first and when the dust bunnies were just about at the opening of the bathroom door he quickly rounded the bottom stair and flew to the bathroom, pulling the door shut tight and subsequently trapping the dust bunnies inside the bathroom. He then stacked up enough old phone books high enough that he could reach the wall phone and promptly called the Seattle Police Department.

Homer’s brother, Hermes, called Homer a “true American hero...”

Police arrived on the scene within fifteen minutes and had their SWAT team at every window and doorway at the Scott house. They entered through the front door and began the removal of the dust bunnies. Evacuation of two neighboring houses was necessary to ensure public safety and security.

At the end of the day, no one was harmed, Homer’s momcat and his twin brother, Hermes, returned, declaring him a hero. “If Homer hadn’t been there, there is no telling where those dust bunnies could have gone.” Hermes said. “Homer is a true American hero, who protected my video games from possible high heat exposure, and I am forever grateful to him.”

The captured dust bunnies were eventually returned to the wild by a team of carefully trained University of Washington biology interns.

Copyright Sharyn Thoma-Guay


Anonymous said...

Just when i think it can't get any funnier. :) LOL.

Jim, Corpus Christi, TX said...

this site is a new reason for me to have insomnia. cant stop reading it to dave my life

seattlecarol said...

Thank You Homer. I will rest easier tonight knowing that there are fewer dust bunnies in this world. Phew...I finally feel safe.
Happy Hunting.

Fizz the Tabby in the ATL said...

Wow, no doubt Homer. So brave. Dust bunnies can be fierce. I was once attacked by four at once.