Monday, February 16, 2009

Obama And Cheezburger Cat To Work Together Signing Stimulus Into Law; “Yes, We Can Has Cheezburger”

Washington, DC

Public outcry for change has successfully lobbied and created a powerful new political duo in regards to the passing of the Cheezburger Stimulus Package. President Obama announced today an historic plan to sign the Stimulus Package into law tomorrow with the famed Cheezburger cat by his side.

“Cheezburger cat came to me quite some time ago.” President Obama stated, “He asked me that now famous question ‘I can has cheezburger?'” Mr. Obama reportedly teared up as he recalled the incident, an emotional moment never before seen during any speech or any other televised event. “I say to you, all of you, again, yes, you can has cheezburger, and indeed, tomorrow we will make it so.”

The Cheezburger Stimulus Package is said to now include two cheezburgers for every household

President Obama said that he had always considered working with Cheezburger Cat, but was not sure of the reaction he would receive from LOLdogs. “What we have to remember here, and let me just be clear, that this is not partisan politics. This is not LOLcat policy or LOLdog policy, this is American policy!”

“You have asked for this. “ President Obama said in a news conference today before a crowd of more than 8,000 screaming, cheezburger-loving cats, “You have asked for a Cheezburger Stimulus Package and we are here to give it to you today. I am proud to announce that I will now work directly with Cheezburger Cat to get this stimulus bill signed and enacted into law starting tomorrow, and ensure a cheezburger to every cat in good measure.”

President Obama said “…I will now work directly with Cheezburger Cat …”

Because the economy is fairing so badly, it will be very hard indeed to see the positive outcomes of the Cheezburger Package right away. It is likely that some from the other side of the political arena, the Republican LOLdogs for example, might say that there is no proof whatsoever that the Stimulus improved anything at all. However, LOLcats and Democrats everywhere will counter that the Cheezburger Stimulus Package may have very well prevented them from getting much worse.

President Obama is known to be Pro-Cheezburger

Regardless of the outcomes, the political impact of this meeting tomorrow of two of the greatest minds of the millennium, President Barack Obama, and Cheezburger cat, will echo throughout the halls of history as an epic achievement in bipartisan politics. LOLdogs and LOLcats must stand strong and stand together as the historic, and long-awaited, Cheezburger Stimulus Package is signed into law for the greater good of our nation.

Copyright Sharyn Thoma-Guay


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The LOLdogs will rise

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You are the best Cheeseburger Cat, great work in 2009!

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