Monday, March 16, 2009

Brad Pitt’s Cat Caught With Naughty Nanny

Washington, DC

At the Oscars they seemed like the picture of perfection, but just weeks later Brad Pitt’s cat, Pendejo, and Angelina Jolie had their nastiest blowup ever and it involved another woman. It ended with a stinging slap to the face and Pitt’s cat Pendejo racing away from the scene in his BMW.

According to various reports, Brad’s cat, Pendejo, was on the bed in the nursery of twins Knox and Vivienne massaging a young nanny’s neck. Angelina flew into a jealous rage when she walked past an open bedroom door and saw her beloved cat petting and being petted by the naughty nanny.

Just days before, the seemingly happy couple at an event

"She completely flipped out," says a Jolie-Pitt cat insider. "She got right in the face of Brad's cat, screaming at the top of her lungs, she said she could hear their loud purring and it led her to the bedroom. She then told the nanny to get out of her house and never come back!"

The explosive argument woke up the sleeping twins and six other cats in the house, all of whom quickly began to scream and cry. As Pendejo tried to console both the twins, the cats, and the nanny, Angelina just snapped and instantly slapped him, hitting him right across the face. "He was stunned," reveals the insider.

The twins, Knox and Vivienne, were screaming after the fight

“Word has always been that Angelina was a jealous lover.” said neighbor cat Bosco, “They are here for the filming of her new movie, ‘Salt.’ They have been very quiet, until now. I did wonder why they were ordering so much tuna though.”

Other cats in the area said that they saw Pendejo running out of the house after being caught and hurriedly getting into one of his many BMW sports cars, only to race off.

Angelina was also reportedly outraged at the amount of cat hair the two had left on the bed and the blankets, which she had to then remove with a lint brush.

The nanny, named Valentina, has been fired by a jealous Angelina Jolie

“I have seen him (Pendejo) in some bars around here,” said one cat who refused to give his name, “Late at night usually. He looks like a guy who is tired and just trying to take the edge off.”

No other details are available at this time about the incident between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s cat, but we are hoping for the sake of all their children the issues can be resolved.

Copyright Sharyn Thoma-Guay


steven in LA said...

oh, shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is so funny. i googled brad pitt nanny slap and got THIS INSTEAD!!! i love it. better than the real story!

Still At Work said...

Oh man. What was Brad thinking????

ihatemyjob said...

That photo of the grey cat, Brad's cat, that is exactly what Brad Pitt's cat would look like man!

jimmy and carli said...

Brad Pitt is an ass.

Anonymous said...

Brad, first Jen, now Angie...who next?

Katie and Da Katz said...

oohhh deer... maybe we coods hire dat nanny fur our Maxie Tiggur soh we wont have ta worree bout wherh him iz! Him cant sneeks up on us gurlz noh morh!


Mr. Black said...

Wow! That Valentina...hotchacha!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh, we can see why Brad's cat is attracted to Valentina...hubba hubba

The napping cat said...

So Angie is probably stressed out about her life now, have you all heard she's trying to lose 21 pounds to look like a man for her role in 'Salt?' SAD, that woman will do anything to justify her anorexia. Really sad. Look at the photos of her snapped recently while filming, the weight loss is actually killing her looks. She looks about 45! I heard Brad stormed out because of the diet and I agree! Who wants to do the deed with a corpse? Great story!

Anonymous said...

this site kills me too, kills me i am in agreement this is genius!