Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LOLdog Hate Groups Continue Terrorizing LOLcat Sites

Seattle, WA

Many people can appreciate the humor of LOLcat-related sites and enjoy spending time reading them for pleasure and creating LOLs on sites like ‘’ But as of late, there is a message of underlying and deep-seeded rage coming from a rising tide of new haters; the LOLdogs.

“My website has been pummeled with hate comments, I am assuming they are from the LOLdogs.” said Pansy, a 4-year-old, spayed, Domestic Short Hair female who refused to name her site. “I got comments saying my site was ‘insipid’ and ‘pathetic, and a rip-off…’” Pansy said. “It isn’t my fault that LOLdogs are not as funny as LOLcats! Why are they targeting me?”

Pansy received nasty comments on her website from LOLdogs

Pansy is one of many LOLcat site bloggers and webmasters who are the targets of LOLdog hate groups. The groups mostly consist of I.T. department-employed male dogs who still live in their mothers’ basements and surf the internet all hours of the night, taking out their internal angst and rage by anonymously posting nasty comments on LOLcat sites.

“It’s not like we are saying we invented the LOL language…” Pansy said. “A lot of these abbreviations originated in chat rooms and instant messaging. AOL Instant Messenger has a list of common acronyms. Some are relevant only to real-time conversations and then people started adding fun photos to them and we were born.”

“The dogs are behind it, everyone knew it would happen sooner or later. They are jealous of our success. We are really very funny.” agreed Babushka, a 12-year-old, neutered Domestic Long Hair female. “Seriously, what have these dogs ever created that gave them the power to put down what others have thought up? It is a chicken-shit thing to do, leaving nasty comments. I just laugh.”

Babushka said it’s “…a chicken-shit thing to do.”

One such LOLdog named 'chomputer' on reddit ranted “Yes, I am a dog, so I hate cats, period. But WTF is with the stupid lolcats? No, you cannot haz cheezburger. WTF does that even mean? And why do all cats talk like some 3-year-old idiot? My God, make it stop now. If you make LOLcats, I hope you all simmer in a boiling pot of acid while you OMG die.”

“You can see the underlying hypocrisy in the comment.” Said noted Seattle Pacific University Professor of Psychology Twinkie. “The writer said he doesn’t understand the use of odd grammar and misspelled words, but he himself uses the colloquialisms such as ‘WTF’ and ‘OMG’ that actually led to the creation of the LOL-style cat or other stylized images. “The writer is simply suffering from ego devaluation because he is a dog. Why should one care whether any cat has a particular cheezburger or not? It is of no concern to him. If any normal person doesn‘t like LOLcats, all the need to do is stop looking at them.”

Professor Twinkie said “Why should one care whether any cat has a particular cheezburger or not?”

Sites like even have special areas devoted specifically to fun-loving LOLcat fans, but even they find their lines crossed by enemy LOLdogs who invade and post negative comments about the LOLcats.

“It is a non-issue for us cats.” said Spanky, a 7-year-old Former Feral Maine Coon from Renton. “It is so obvious. I mean, if it bothers you…quit looking in the first place!”

Copyright Sharyn Thoma-Guay


Anonymous said...

Oh now i get it! Damn them LOLdogs.

This is fun.

They actually aren't as funny, I never thought about it. Great one.

Kat man Do said...

Crazyness! Down with LOLdogs!

Marianne J. said...

Oh hai there. I am a dog. I apologize for all the nastiness of da other dogs. You guys lead the way and we look up to you. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLdogs UNITED~!

We are kinda funny!

Anonymous said...

Peas on Earf!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Dogs drool and cats rule! Of course, our woofies and our frends woofies is all cool.

JANE JACKSON, Biloxi, Mississippi said...

CHOMPUTER you are a piece of insipid SHI#.

Just wait till we get on reddit and trash your insipid reviews.

YOU write something and we'll judge YOU.

The LOLcats.

Anonymous said...

it is cuz they are jealous that we arez funnier, plus as you wrote earlier even Comcast Cable services us LOLcats!