Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cat Passes Out After Viewing New David Beckham Underwear Photos

Redmond, WA

A local cat is being treated this morning at Evergreen Memorial Hospital and Medical Center, having completely blacked out after viewing the sexy, newly released David Beckham Armani underwear ads.

Justin, a 6-year-old, Scottish Fold male, said that he was innocently surfing the internet looking for cat food coupons when he came upon the Armani underwear ads by chance.

"I was looking at Purina Cat Chow coupons one minute, and God! He was just there, bursting out, all over my screen!" Justin said. “In just his skivvies!” The ads were reportedly so sexy that Gazette reporters had to be toweled down at the scene.

Justin admitted he grew “…obsessed.”

He reportedly looked at the ads, of David Beckham wearing only his underpants on a beach, then started to look for even more ads just like it.

"He is just so hot...I really couldn't stop myself from looking at them, I wanted to see more, it was like, obsession." Justin said.

Sources said Justin kept looking at the ads, for the newest line of Georgio Armani briefs from his Winter Collection, until he passed out from pure heat exhaustion.

This photo above is the one that Justin’s momcat said “…really did him in.”

His momcat Dinah came into the room a little later to call Justin for a hot chicken wing breakfast and was horrified at what she saw.

"I came into Justin's room," said Dinah, a 17-year-old Domestic Short Hair. "I never expected what I saw, my son was slumped over the desk and this man, this bulging man's picture on his computer. I was aghast! That last photo really did him in I guess.”

Justin’s momcat, Dinah worried for her son’s safety

Justin was taken to Evergreen and treated for severe excitement and over-exertion. Doctors said that it could happen to anyone, especially when pictures of David Beckham are involved.

"We have seen this type of thing before concerning David Beckham...he is a good looking lad." Doctor Thomas King said to the Gazette. "You will see, Justin will recover in due time."

Copyright Sharyn Thoma-Guay


Janice Krill, Indiana said...

I knew I was up early for a reason!!!! BECKS!!!!!!

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Your bud SuzyQ~!!!!!! Luv U! said...
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jimmy and carli said...

I would pass out too.

Nice pics.

Parker said...

I was a little warm after I saw those too!

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Country Cats said...

It's understandable; too much hotness in one pic is overwhelming.