Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dancing With The Stars Injury Sidelines Favored Cat

Los Angeles, CA

The eighth season of Dancing With the Stars has been plagued with injuries since before the season even began. This time, a noted crowd-pleaser once considered a dark horse candidate to win is out after suffering a horrible knee accident.

Maggie May, a 1-year-old, spayed, Calico female was rehearsing a front flip with her partner, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, when he dropped her too close for her to straighten her body and she fractured both knees.

Maggie May was rushed to Cedars Sinai Hospital, where doctors performed a difficult luxating patella surgery on both of her legs.

Wozniak said he admired Maggie May’s “…strength and attitude…”

“She is an amazing cat,” said Wozniak, “I spent a lot of time with her, petting her, she really liked my lap. I admire her strength and attitude. She will succeed in whatever she does in the future.” Wozniak also shrugged off rumors of an affair saying that the two were just friends.

Maggie was once a topless dancer at Kiss Kiss Exotics before entering a contest and being selected as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. She told the Gazette she began her dancing/stripping career as a way to pay for college.

“I was 5 months old when I learned I’d been accepted to the School of Law at UCLA.” said Maggie May, “My momcat was poor and we were living on my dadcat’s railroad pension. I turned to dancing to earn money.”

Maggie May is expected to make a full recovery, although doctors say she will never dance again. Without the funds from stripping and the prize money she’d hoped to win with partner Wozniak, she must find an alternative to college.

Maggie May seen here in an older photo, dancing at Kiss Kiss Exotics

“My dancing career is over, I have accepted that. I have to remember that I am lucky to be alive and otherwise healthy.” Maggie May said, “I have always thought of becoming a telemarketer, maybe now I can pursue that dream.”

The injuries aren't surprising," Kristi Yamaguchi told People magazine in Los Angeles over the weekend. "Cats don't know how physical it gets. I think that's one reason why athletes do well, she (Maggie May) was not an athlete, and athletes know how to listen to their bodies."

Yamaguchi not surprisingly feels Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson is a good bet to take home the trophy. Johnson is teamed with professional dancer Mark Ballas, who won the show's sixth-season title with Yamaguchi.

On a lighter note, Maggie May said “This disability could be worse. At least I can still eat fritters.”

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Dana said...

On a lighter note, Maggie May said “This disability could be worse. At least I can still eat fritters.” --
Love that! :) So funny!

Carrie and Shazzam said...

Dancing With The CATS! Steve had a crush on Maggie, I BET! She's hott!

Anonymous said...

omg...steve wozniak too...rad.

Mishkat said...

Poor Maggie May - I hope she can pursue her dream of being a telemarketer :)!

Frank said...

Telemarketing is hard, maybe she should try yard care?

Anonymous said...

let them all eat fritters!!!

Country Cats said...

Shoot for the stars with your telemarketing dream, Maggie May. At least you still have your rockin' figure from all that stripping. Don't eat too many of the fritters, though. ;-)

Junior and Orion said...

Too cute!!!!!!

Tristan and Crikey said...

The Woz needs to fork over some of his dough to help out poor Maggie May!