Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hero Cat Liberates Stuffed Easter Bunnies, Sheep

Edmonds, WA

The sad and lonely wait for 12 assorted, stuffed, and colorful Easter animals is over this afternoon after they were liberated by a local cat. All told, 10 stuffed sheep and two Easter bunnies, one purple and one yellow, were set free by the cat, who then fled the scene.

Noll, an 8-year-old, Siamese-Tabby mix and welder by trade, told customers he felt bad for the animals, who were stacked onto the supermarket’s crowded shelves to be sold off as Easter gifts.

“Look at cruel is that?” Noll asked fellow patrons of the Edmonds Safeway store, located off Aurora avenue. “Look at them, all smashed together. How can they even breathe?”

The animals were to be sold off as gifts for children

Witnesses said that Noll, clearly disgusted, put his bag of Oreo Double Stuff cookies and bottle of Diet Pepsi on the floor and took a good look around to see if anyone was watching.

“I thought he was looking at us kinda funny.” said Harriet, a 5-month-old stuffed sheep made of all-new materials and polyester filling from China. “Then suddenly he reached up and grabbed me. It was all so exciting!”

Witnesses said Noll put the sheep and two bunnies down on the floor and told them to ‘run for it.’ He then caused a distraction by throwing and smashing large jars of pickles and jalapeƱo peppers onto the floor.

Noll was reportedly disgusted by the store’s treatment of the stuffed animals

The sheep helped the two bunnies race out the front door of the Safeway store, where they quickly spilled out into the cold parking lot.

“We got real lucky,” said Chops, also a 5-month-old stuffed sheep, “There was a Human there who could see what was happening and she thankfully opened up the door to her mini-van and ushered us in.”

After Noll threw the pickles, witnesses say he ran to the bakery case in the rear of the store and took two maple bars. Store security was about to corner him, but he ran out the back door and into the alley back behind the store.

Harriet and Chops both said the rescue was “…exciting.”

Police were called by the store manager, but after investigating they found no trace of Noll or the escaped animals.

“He did a very foolish thing today, but admittedly brave.” said store manager Ed Reilly, “I feel a bit bad for the animals left behind, but that’s business. There will be 12 disappointed kids come Easter morning though.”

Copyright Sharyn Thoma-Guay
Cat Photos Courtesy Of: Kareen S-H.,


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh that kitty is so very sweeeet!

And so very brave, too!

Anonymous said...

Noll is a hero!

Mishkat said...

Great photo of Harriet and Chops :)!

Frank said...

Love that. i can just imagine you bending over in the aisle of the grocery store to take that photo, too. you kill me with your humor girl. i bet you got funny looks!

Country Cats said...

Noll has a great heart. We commend him for freeing the stuff animals.

Country Cats said...

*stuffed animals, even

Mama can't spell today.

LizzyBean said...

Hilarious and clever!

The Crew said...

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy your news stories. Very creative!!

The Crew & Crew's Mom

Elin~ said...

I think I want to send my photo too!

MrEricSir said...

Safeway is at it again...