Monday, April 27, 2009

Seattle Cat's Husband Left Her For His iPhone

Seattle, WA

In an exclusive interview with the Kitty City Gazette, Hillary, an 8-year-old, spayed, Domestic Short Hair female told us that her husband admitted he was in love with his iPhone. Tom, a 7-year-old, former-feral alley cat had abandoned her the day before.

"It had been going on about a year and a half." Hillary told us, "I should have known, he took that damned thing everywhere, even into the bathroom. I didn't understand how you could need a thing that bad."

Hillary was shocked by Tom's apparent obsession with the sexy-looking device

Like many others in the world since June of 2007, Hillary's husband of two years, Tom, had been secretly captivated by the device known simply as the iPhone.

The iPhone is Apple's first Internet-enabled smartphone. It combines the features of a cell phone, wireless web device, and an iPod in one svelte, beautiful package.

The iPhone's most innovative feature is its 3.5-inch touch screen. The screen allows an interface based on touch alone and allows items onscreen to be manipulated by two finger touches, rather than just one.

The iPhone can also be viewed in landscape or portrait mode, with the screen automatically shifting based on the angle that the phone is held. Hillary's husband said one benefit of the iPhone was that there was 'an app for everything' as opposed to one or two apps with his wife.

Many have been transfixed by the seductive iPhone

"Yesterday, he just left." Hillary said. "He said that the iPhone gave him everything he needed in his life and that was that." Hillary was in tears as she told this to the Gazette.

"It is smart is what he told me, smart heart, smart design, smart browsing, smart voicemail, smart speakers, smart email, smart sensors, and smart interaction." Hillary said she became more and more disgusted by Tom's apparent lust after the device as time went on.

"I got to the point where I told him 'it's me or the iPhone.' Well, he chose the iPhone."

"Thank goodness he took the phone bill too." Hillary says she is more likely than ever to choose a BlackBerry in the future.

Copyright Sharyn Thoma-Guay


pughy said...

Lol Lol Lol yet another beauty.

Cheered up a very rainy dull day.

Hugs GJ and Carol x

Anonymous said...

Oh man, i better watch out, my man said he cant live wiothout his!

Anonymous said...

Curse those iPhones!

Angel said...

iPhones are taking over the world!

Country Cats said...

Haha. Mama agrees that blackberries offer all you need without the "lust" factor.

Joel said...

Just for an iPod????? XD He shouldn't be leaving her just for that!