Sunday, April 5, 2009

Young Kitten Accused Of Eating Lego Castle

Redding, CA

A young kitten has been named a suspect in one of the strangest and indeed slowest burglaries reported in California history.

Swifty, a 9-month-old neutered, Domestic Short Hair, was arrested in his home last night. He is accused of eating a Lego castle piece by piece in an attempt to steal it into his own home from that of a neighbor. The Lego castle, owned by neighbor cat Tundra, was a Christmas gift from 2008.

“Tundra never used it (the castle),” said Swifty, “I always wanted the Lego castle and my parents never bought it for me. I figured he’d never notice if it disappeared. He mostly plays with his sister's Barbies anyways."

The Lego castle is considered a highly coveted toy

Swifty told police one day he was playing Matchbox cars at Tundra’s house when he saw the Lego castle abandoned in a corner of the room. He decided to eat a few pieces and see if Tundra noticed them gone.

A day later, the pieces successfully reappeared at the home of Swifty and he began to eat more and more Legos each time he visited Tundra.

“I began to notice that my castle was getting smaller and smaller,” said Tundra, “But I just figured they’d broken off or something and were laying around my room. I never thought Swifty would eat them. I mean how did he get them back out?”

Swifty told police that he’d asked his parents continually for the Lego castle and they never bought it for him. “It was not an easy thing to do, to steal the Legos." Swifty said in a statement. “It was actually quite a painful process.”

Neighbor cat Tundra denied ever playing with Barbies

“I knew he did it when one day I was over at his house for a pajama party. I saw a Lego guy in his litter box,” said an angry Tundra. “It was from my castle set. I was mad. Just because I wasn’t playing with it didn’t give him the right to steal it out from under my nose.” Tundra also denied the fact that he ever played with Barbies or his sister cat's Bratz dolls.

Tundra told his momcat, who then called local police. Police searched the home of Swifty and found approximately two thirds of the Lego castle in a Vans shoe box under his bed.

Swifty has issued a formal apology to his friend and said that it was simple jealousy that led to his inappropriate behavior. Tundra’s family said that no charges will ultimately be filed, although Swifty will most likely have to do some sort of community services for a period of time as retribution for the theft.

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