Saturday, June 6, 2009

Twin Cats Separated At Birth Two Years Ago Could Not Care Less

Seattle, WA

A chance meeting in a local litter box led to the reuniting of twin boys separated at birth nearly 2 years ago.

The boys, Jester and Maddox, both 2-year-old, neutered, Domestic Short Hairs, were eating lunch at the same Ezell’s Chicken restaurant when they met by accident in the restroom.

“It was like looking in the mirror,” said Jester, who then called his momcat to inspect what looked like an apparent twin.

The momcat, Yelena, a 4-year-old, Siamese Mix, reportedly started crying, clutched at her gown, and dropped her spicy chicken strip to the cold floor.

Momcat Yelena had never admitted the twin birth

Yelena, who is a medical assistant at Summe Medical Clinic, was suddenly confronted by the two boys, who she then tearfully admitted she had, indeed, given birth to some 2 years before.

“I was so young when the doctor told me I was going to have twins.” Yelena said, “Their dadcat was long gone and I made a deal right there with the doctor that he would take one of the kittens and give it up for adoption.”

The doctor who delivered the twins was out in the car waiting for his own son to come out with their fried chicken dinner order. When Yelena and the twins came out the front door he broke down and confessed.

The twins were reunited at Ezell’s Famous Chicken in Seattle

“I could not give him up, he was so beautiful.” the doctor (who refused to give his name) told Yelena and Gazette reporters. “I know there are serious legal implications here, but I just couldn’t do it.”

Yelena and the doctor shared an embrace and remembered that fateful day when she delivered.

“She was so young, and poor.” said the doctor, “I knew she couldn’t care for the both of them, I understood her plight. I took the other kitten home and my wife nursed him and he is every bit our son.”

The doctor (who wishes to remain anonymous) cares deeply for his son

Yelena was so overcome by joy she was unable to finish her chicken dinner, although she did eat the last biscuit.

The boys, Jester and Maddox, said they ‘didn’t really care’ about whatever was going on and really wanted to get back to their homes to update their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts respectively.

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