Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Chocolate-Covered LEGO Men A Huge Hit Despite Opposition

Seattle, WA

Every year Seattle Chocolates tempts cats by unveiling a new treat right around Halloween, the beginning of what they call the “sweets and holiday” season. This year they unveiled a new treat, chocolate-covered LEGO men.

"Each year we have an open sampling week,” said Mango, a 3-year-old, neutered, Domestic Short Hair. “Typically, the lines are out the door and up the block, but when people heard we had LEGO men, it was nuts.”

The new treat is said to be delightfully tasty and crunchy, a wonderful new combination that mixes salty and sweet in perfect proportions. Customers who attended the sampling week watched the candies being made and then choose their own fresh sample to taste.

Pig-Pen admitted that dipping the little LEGO men was at first “problematic”

Although delicious, oppositionists say slaughtering and eating LEGOs is wrong. Protestors lined the streets en masse outside the factory with signs in hand, handing out pamphlets stating that the practice is bad for the LEGOs, bad for the environment, and bad for cats in general. “LEGO Meat is murder,” claimed the attendees.

“I’ll admit, at first the dipping did not go so smoothly,” admitted 6-year-old Pig-Pen, a worker at the factory since 2007. “Some of the little LEGO men let out really loud screams as we tried to dip them into the chocolate and scared the kittens.”

The chocolate-covered LEGO men have sold so well that Seattle Chocolates has received more than 100 new retail accounts since introducing them, reportedly from all over the country. Among the most popular are chocolate-covered LEGO Pirates, Knights, and Police.

Winnipeg said eating the Lego men treats keeps her kittens quiet on long rides in the car

“They were a huge hit at my party,” said Minerva, a 7-year-old, spayed, Domestic Short Hair from Medina, who said she liked her sample of chocolate-covered Motorcycle Police so much that she served them the next night at a Tupperware party. “Nobody could believe that they were so fresh.”

The chocolate-covered LEGO men are almost always well received, and even if a prospective buyer doesn't bite right away, by the time they see other cats smiling and nodding, they jump right on in and try them.

“At first I thought it was really cruel,” said Winnipeg, a 4-year-old, spayed Manx. “But seriously, I eat LEGOs anyways, at least these ones are dead first, and if I give them to my kittens in the car I get a few minutes of peace.”

Those against the eating of LEGO, and other meat, spoke out against the practice

“I feel bad when I see a load of chickens, cows, or LEGOs on their way to a slaughter house,” said long-time vegetarian Milo, a 9-year-old Domestic Short Hair. “At least I know I am not contributing to their horrible, painful end.”

Good news for Seattle Chocolates is that even in a recession, chocolate thrives, as it is a comfort food, and a relatively cheap one at that. "You can buy alot of chocolate from us for a few bucks,” said one employee. Indeed, sales at the flagship store are skyrocketing since introducing the LEGO men.

“When I served them as a treat, my kittens just about pounced on them and grabbed one each,,“ said one cat from Bellevue. “We like to eat the arms and legs off the little LEGO men. It’s fun.”

Copyright Sharyn Thoma
Pig-Pen Photo: Thanks to Mary York
Driver Cat: Thanks to Aaron Brown
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Halloween Calico and Friends said...

OH MY GOSH! happy halowweeenny to you at the GAZETTE. This is so funny. I am picturing them screaming as they are dipped on a stick!

Anonymous said...

You R Nutz. Love iT

jimmy and carli said...

“Some of the little LEGO men let out really loud screams as we tried to dip them into the chocolate and scared the kittens.”

That's the part I liked!

Freya's Staff said...

Happy Halloween!!! KCG!

Country Cats said...

We want some of those delicious LEGO men! We didn't get any in our trick or treat bags. ;-)

Anonymous said...

We like to eat the arms and legs off the little LEGO men. It’s fun.”


Jeff said...

My teeth hurt just reading this :)

Julie said...

As a side note: All of my cats hate Legos, and because of that, they love to eat them!

Julie O'