Monday, November 30, 2009

Local Cat Says He Was Fired From His Job For Loving Mel Gibson

Seattle, WA

A local cat says he has been unjustly fired from his job as a customer service representative after admitting to colleagues that he was in love with Mel Gibson.

Sulu, a 5-year-old, neutered, Domestic Short Hair, reported that he was terminated from his position in the middle of the day, one week after he had put up full-color glossy photos of Mel Gibson in his cubicle and told co-workers that he “loved him.”

Witnesses said that Sulu put “3 to 5 color photos, a large, hand-drawn heart, and a 2010 calendar” of Mr. Gibson up on a wall that faced common areas, upsetting others, who complained to management.

It has been said Mel Gibson is a fan of cats, fish, Catholics, and beavers

A witness said she walked by the cubicle and was told not once, but four times, that Mel Gibson is a "great" director. The cat claimed Sulu stopped her and forced her to gaze upon the shrine of Mel Gibson photos, trying to get her to agree.

“I don’t care what your tastes are,” said witness Seth Weintraub, a 10-year-old, Diluted, Scottish Fold Calico. “All I said to him was ‘human resources, buddy. Keep your opinions to yourself.’”

Sulu had also apparently submitted a legal change-of-name request to the Human Resource department requesting his name badge to be changed to Sulu Gibson.

Seth Weintraub said “Something is very wrong with Sulu”

Sulu was called down to the Human Resources department, where he was told it was wrong for him to love Mel Gibson, “because he's a crazy ass.” After HR employees confiscated his stapler and 2 tubes of white-out, Sulu was fired.

"I found it offensive that (Sulu) repeatedly brought it up," another witness said. "By the tenth time he made me look at poster from Lethal Weapon 3, I felt God wanted me to express how I felt about the matter, so I did. I said, ‘I’m sorry man, I think you’re a nut bag.’ I went straight to HR.”

The letter terminating Sulu reportedly stated that while entitled to your own beliefs, imposing them upon other cats in the workplace is not acceptable and in this case, telling a colleague that you love Mel Gibson constitutes discrimination and harassment.

HR representatives say they fired Sulu for his bad judgment

Sulu, who said he has not hired a lawyer, said he is considering filing a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Commission.

Asked why he felt the need to comment on his love for Mel Gibson, Sulu, who has since gotten a job at Hot Dog On A Stick, said he felt compelled to do so.

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Anonymous said...

"because he's a crazy ass" god i love Kitty City!


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Love it, as usual. Seriously crazy. What is it about that guy???

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Saw a description for Fantastic Mr Fox cartoon, you could have WRITTEN it! It's about s fox who can't stop stealing chickens. I read it out loud and my husband thought I was reading a Kitty City news headline. You keep this up, you're talented.

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hot dog on a stick!

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Was his stapler a red swingline?

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