Sunday, November 1, 2009

People Who Own Cats More Likely To Have Cat Calendars Than People Who Do Not Own Cats, Study Finds

Seattle, WA

A new study out from the University of Washington found that people who own cats are more likely to have cat calendars than people who do not own cats and are more than 5 times more likely to own a small leather or plastic monthly planner with full-color cat photos inside it.

This groundbreaking study was conducted by the same group of graduate students and professors who found earlier this year that people who own cats are more likely to have cat hair on their clothing than people who do not own cats.

“We have a cat and we also have a cat calendar,” admitted Lisa Perkins, a 14-year-old, female Human Being who lives in Lynnwood. “We got it from Grandma at Christmas last year.”

Calendars such as the one shown above are among those discussed in the landmark study

Sometimes a correlation can be just a coincidence. Statisticians and mathematicians have ways to figure out whether correlations are coincidental or not. Even still, the best that you can say for a particular correlation is that it is unlikely that the correlation is merely a coincidence.

Running through the data, scientists found that people who owned cats both bought and received cat calendars more often than people who owned no cats, owned snakes, or who voted Republican, regardless of their occupation or income level.

Average cat owners own 2 cats per household, and for every cat owned above average, a study participant was 88% more likely to have a cat calendar in their home at that moment, for example.

Cat calendars often stereotype cats as ‘playful’ and ‘cute’

"People who had been long time cat owners, had recently adopted a cat, took in a stray, or even had hit a cat by accident while operating a moving vehicle, had a higher mean probability of having a cat calendar than someone who did none of those things," said Sandy Bottom, a 5-year-old, neutered, Domestic Short Hair who helped compile the data.

"Although these data apply merely to one country's possession of cat calendars (and/or planners), there are broad patterns here that may reflect similar tendencies across Western democracies in general, and so these data might have wider relevance beyond the United States," Sandy further stated.

What is cause and what is effect is not perfectly clear. Perhaps people who own cats are more likely to want to see or seek out pictures of cute, fuzzy, kittens, and/or cats, causing them to covet, buy, or receive cat calendars as gifts.

Some calendars feature pull-out kitten posters or full-color glossy prints

What is certain is that of the people who own cats, a startling number of them admitted to having a small leather or plastic month-to-month planner containing full-color cat photos or pull-out mini-posters inside them. None of the plumbers, sanitation workers, or sheet metal workers we interviewed reported having any such items.

“At this point in time I have a cat calendar at work, a few at home, and I also own a monthly planner, which I keep in my purse,” said one 44-year-old female Human under the condition of anonymity. “I like them. I like cute, cuddly, kitten faces, they make me happy,” she said.

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marykateplustate said...

ha h ah ahahaha aha hahaha aha aha ha hahaah

oh the logic of it. at first, my daughter said 'well, duh!' and then she about cried laughing.

Joel said...

I'm a cat lover, and yes, I love cat calendars!

Sweet Praline said...

Someone wasted a lot of time and money to research this one. Hee! Hee!

Parker said...

Mommy is addicted to the Bad Cat Calendars, she has a wall one and the Page a Day one. She buys them every year!

Anonymous said...

i knew there was a connection!

Cory said...

Whoa! I always suspected this, but now there is proof!

Anonymous said...

"or even had hit a cat by accident while operating a moving vehicle, had a higher mean probability of having a cat calendar than someone who did none of those things," said Sandy "

oh my god. like the people who'd ever accidentally hit a cat had guilt and went and had secretly bought cute, fuzzy kitten calendars and cried over them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ginger Jasper said...

Yup got to have a cat calendar.. Hugs GJ x

Corinne C. said...

I really needed something to make me smile and you made me laugh out loud! Thanks!

Gracie said...

That just proves the point that cats rule. We are just all so fluffy cute. How could you not have a calendar?

us4 gatos said...

its the beans wallet of thier furloves.

Julie said...

10 cats, always one Gary Patterson wall hanging calendar and, as well, the bestest cat desk calendar I can find. :o)))))))))))))

Catsss are preciousssss

EUTERPE said...

nothing wrong with having a few cat calendars around the place as long as there are no "watermelon porn" pics in them.