Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wal-Mart Parking Lot Home To Grocery Cart Double Homicide

Sequim, WA

The bodies of two dead shopping carts were discovered early this morning in a Wal-Mart parking lot by a cat early for her shift.

Area residents converging on the shopping mecca found the parking lot taped off and CSI investigators taking pictures and searching trash bins for clues.

Police have identified the victims as Philip and Bud, both 3-year-old, Stainless Steel and Plastic Shopping Carts who had just been hired for the holiday season.

The cat who found the slain carts said she prayed for their families

Bud’s sister, a 2-year-old, Orange, Recycled Plastic and Metal Shopping cart who works for Home Depot, said she became concerned when the boys failed to return home for dinner and alerted authorities, police said.

Both carts were found lying face up, flat on their backs, execution style. Each cart was missing a wheel and metal brake pieces, which police said is clearly consistent with defense wounds.

Police stated they have other evidence that leads them to believe both victims knew their killer. They are investigating the crime as a double homicide.

Those who knew the carts said they really “pulled their weight” at the store and were dependable

Both Shopping Carts were recent Sequim High School graduates working the holiday season as temporary employees trying to save money for metal shop classes.

Officials said the employee who found them shortly after 5 a.m. called 911 immediately. Paramedics and police responded, but the paramedics quickly left the scene after attempting to revive the carts.

Several neighbors living in apartments bordering the Wal-Mart were questioned about what had happened, and many said they had seen the two Shopping Carts racing around the parking lot that night “doing wheelies and racing around.”

Neighbor Mabel is believed to be one of the last to see the boys alive

“I yelled out my window to them to stop all that tomfoolery,” said Mabel Black, a 16-year-old, spayed, Domestic Short Hair who lives in a nearby retirement apartment with her pet chickens. “They just laughed and squeeled their brakes at me.”

Other neighbors and employees were concerned about whether the victims knew the killer or if it was a random attack.

Police said they are actively looking for suspects. A police expert went on the record as saying they could use the public's help solving the case, "so we can solve it," he said.

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Anonymous said...

you are SO CRAZY. i love it all.

Jeff said...

Oh crap, I was going to buy you lots of stuff, now what am I suppose to do!

Angel and Kirby said...

Did they get pushed around a lot?


I suspect this was the unfortunate, yet predictable result of sideshow activity. When will these youngsters learn. Keep us posted on the investigation.

Ginger Jasper said...

Priceless.. I love it all but that white kitty.. Oh my cat brilliant... HUgs GJ xx