Monday, February 22, 2010

Brother -Sister Cat Couple Denied Marriage License, “It’s Immoral” State Says

Seattle, WA

“It was love at first sight,” say Lucy and Sherman, both 2-year-old Domestic Short Hairs of when they met, and they have lived together as a loving couple ever since.

There is, however, one difference that sets Lucy and Sherman apart. They are brother and sister, which raised eyebrows and earned them a vehement “no” from the State of Washington when they applied for a marriage license today.

The magistrate reportedly told them their coupling was “immoral,” and that they “needed psychological counseling.”

Mom Tiger has since admitted to “heavy drinking and smoking” while pregnant with the kittens

Lucy and Sherman were born only minutes apart, along with five other kittens from a single mother who became pregnant by a cat she met at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting some years before.

They know they are breaking a social norm, and said they understand why cats might call it incestuous. "We are related," Lucy said. "We're not going to deny that, but who hasn't licked their brother, really?"

Lucy and Sherman insist they are just like any other couple. "I'm a normal male," Sherman said. "I'm into string, I fish, I do everything others do. I'm a normal cat."

Lucy said “It's kinda like kissing myself”

Lucy said they work, catch dinner, watch TV, and cuddle just like other cats. Just like other couples, they have an intimate relationship as well.

Unlike everyone else, they believe their mutual attraction is heightened by their genetic similarities. "It's kinda like kissing myself," Lucy said. “We have so much in common. Our mom taught us unconditional love and that is what we practice.”

Their mother, Tiger, a 4-year-old Domestic Short Hair who works at Wal-Mart admitted, “I drank heavily, took pills, and smoked when I was pregnant with (the kittens), I’m not surprised they are messed up.”

Mom Tiger admitted “I still drink a lot…”

Despite all the love they have for each other, Lucy and Sherman will never marry. No state in the U.S. allows littermates to legally wed. The couple say they plan to lobby congress to get the laws changed and that this is just their “first step.”

"I have two different sets of friends that are together," Lucy says, referring to other littermate couples. "Their children have no fur and are cross-eyed, but are otherwise perfectly normal."

Copyright Sharyn Thoma
Photos Courtesy of Beverly Thie


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