Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Study Finds Food Habit-Forming

Seattle, WA

A survey of about 500 Seattle-area cats revealed that of cats who eat food, almost a third worry about becoming addicted to it and wanting to eat it again. Those surveyed said they are now scared and dread becoming “just like everyone else.”

More than a third said that they'd heard that eating was a “good normal thing.” But nearly three-quarters reported that food made them happy, and more than half agreed with the statement, saying "I love it."

Twenty-five percent agreed that food seemed like a good thing to eat when hungry , and that when it came to addiction, the benefits outweighed the risks.

Foods like this are thought to be habit-forming

The survey was done in early December of last year by a graduate anthropology class in research methods taught by a group of University of Washington professors.

The research subjects were fed food, which was instrumental in stopping hunger and providing satiety. 70% of the cats surveyed said they would prefer eating food to small bits of plastic, dust bunnies, or pencil erasers.

"One of the most striking things we saw in the after-interviews was just how much cats liked food," said one of the assistants. "Once a cat ate food, it seemed there was an almost 90% chance they would want to eat again."

Twenty-five percent agreed that food seemed like a good thing to eat when hungry

Food, is believed to produce an initial pleasurable effect, followed by a “rebound” effect called hunger.

"We have not begun to understand the cognitive and social impact of food,” the survey said. “Those who become addicted to it will be looking for it three, maybe four times a day.”

Moggy, a 7-year-old, neutered, Domestic Short Hair who participated in the study said food appeared to be a clever way to "get energy and use it as a source of nourishment.”

“After the first time…I was hooked” said Moggy

Given the choice of eating nothing or eating food, 89% of cats surveyed chose food.

“Food is like methamphetamine for your stomach,” said another professor. “Once you eat it, you will always want more and the search for ever increasing amounts of food could lead to social withdrawal, apple fritter eating, and crime.”

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