Thursday, July 15, 2010

Local Cat Says He Was Beaten For Being An LOLcat

Lynnwood, WA

A local cat says he was beaten and spanked mercilessly by three cats who targeted him out of hate for LOLcats.

The group followed the cat, Jarvis, a 7-month-old, Domestic Short Hair, down 196th Street in Lynnwood about 11:30 p.m. last night, yelling nasty racial slurs and threats at him in an LOLcat dialect.

Jarvis, who is an LOLcat, said he ignored the group until they closed in and then asked why they were teasing him without provocation.

This Ginger cat is a prime suspect in the LOLcat hate crime

The assailants then started beating, biting and wrapping Jarvis up with rolls of toilet paper, he said, leaving him wrapped tightly, immobilized, with several cuts on his head and body and a cheezburger stuffed in his mouth.

Jarvis said because he is so cute, he has been peppered with insults before, but he said he never thought they would escalate to violence.

"I've never felt scared or feared for my safety before," Jarvis said. "You brush it off and walk on. That's what you're taught to do, this time, it didn't work."

Jarvis must wear this body brace while he heals after being wrapped in toilet paper

Lynnwood Police officers said the cats accused of attacking Jarvis are still at large and were last seen in a dark colored 1990’s model Camaro.

Jarvis described them as a “mean-looking Ginger cat around 5 or 6,” and another pair of cats, both a bit older.

Jarvis said he regularly strolls through the neighborhood and did not know his attackers. He stated they might have seen him previously and simply decided to act , he said.

Washington State is one of the few states that now has laws to protect LOLcats

After his trip to the emergency room where he was unwrapped from over 79 feet of double-ply toilet paper, Patrick saw an outpouring of LOLcat support from across the city as his story was passed along via the social networking website Facebook.

Much of the support has been from Cats for Equality, a Seattle-based group that promotes fairness for gays, lesbians, LOLs, bisexuals and transgender cats.

A just-passed Washington State LOLcat hate-crime law now makes it a crime to "intimidate or harass a cat because of the cat's race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin or disability” in the hopes this does not continue.

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