Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Forklift Removes Cat From Home Filled With Toilet Paper Rolls

Edmonds, WA

Edmonds firefighters cut a hole in the roof of a home today to extricate a cat from his second-floor bedroom after his collection of toilet paper rolls finally trapped him there.

Benjamin, a 12-year-old, neutered Domestic Short Hair, is a hoarder who started collecting empty toilet paper rolls in late 2004.

Rescue workers were called in by a neighbor, who saw Benjamin waving a white tube sock tied to a golf club out of a second story skylight, fire officials said.

Firefighters broke through the roof near a skylight to rescue the ensconced cat

Neighbor Ox, a 10-year-old Domestic Short Hair, said Benjamin is a convicted "shredophile" who suffers from disposophobia, or pathological hoarding, a psychological disorder that creates a constant, chronic need to collect toilet paper rolls that can be life-threatening and even lead to overeating.

Friends said the cat had not left his home since 2006.

Benjamin told firefighters he had survived by breathing through a plastic McDonald’s drinking straw and eating stale Cheez-Its for two weeks while awaiting rescue.

Neighbors said Benjamin had not left his home since 2006

Benjamin admitted he started collecting toilet paper rolls as a hobby, but soon the craving for more rolls and a need to keep them caused significant impairment in functioning and eventually led to his self-entrapment.

Fire workers brought in a forklift high enough to raise a platform to a hole cut into the roof near the skylight where Benjamin was ensconced.

Firefighters covered the cat with a large blue tarp to shield him from onlookers and slid the platform into an ambulance for a trip to Harborview Hospital.

Reports said Benjamin started collecting rolls in late 2004

Neighbors admitted at one point they saw a visibly disturbed Benjamin “leaning out a second story window hanging toilet paper rolls in the upper branches of a fir tree.”

Professionals said Benjamin is most likely a “Level III Hoarder,” meaning he may suffer from chronic disorganization and require services in addition to those a professional psychologist and related professionals can provide.

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Benjamin Photos: Thanks to Sarah D. & Benjamin via email


Anonymous said...

OMG THAT IS PURE PURE Kitty City. You are a total gas.

MyCatsRule said...

Please excuse me while I clean up the mess here. I laughed so hard, I bust a gut and now it's all over the room. :)

And, I think my Horus, pictured here, may be a TPR hoarder too. I throw the roll out and it disappears from the trash, only to be found later hidden in a corner with his lost toys.

wilson said...

There is nothing pathological about saving a few toilet paper rolls. In fact I just got back from Harborview where I visited with Benjamin for awhile, and both of us agree much has been made about nothing over this issue. He maintains he was just tired out from four straight days of 95+ degree heat in the Seattle area in a home where the humans have STILL not added A/C, and used the t.p. "hoarding" as an excuse to spend a few days in an air conditioned hospital room.
<3 Wilson

Stunned said...

I have never seen anything like this site.

I'm kinda stunned. I love it. Lols.

Angie Bailey said...

HILARIOUS!! I needed that laugh :)

Fisher and Staff said...

Once again we learn how firefighters help the animals. I now wonder if there is a google database for shredophiles in my area. Oh dear, I hope not. tee hee \Ggreat story!

Anonymous said...

He had become "ensconced" ?? LOL OMG LMFAO