Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Study Shows Human Males Do Remember Relationships They Had With Females, Others

Edmonds, WA

In daily life, we remember faces and voices of several known individuals. Similarly, many mammals have been shown to remember voices and faces of known individuals after a number of years.

Jasmine and Ciara, both 9-year-old, Domestic Short Hairs, are field researchers from Central Washington University. They show in their recent article, published in Human Biology, for the first time Human Males (men) can and do differentiate individual females based on familiarity.

Additionally, they discovered that men can think about and even memorize the closeness of a relationship and affiliation even while viewing live sporting events on television.

The environment of the indigenous Human Male, is sometimes referred to as a “man-cave”

Until now it was unknown whether men could remember the closeness of a relationship (if at all) based on former positive or negative interactions.

In response to voices left on answering machines of formerly known Human Women, the men not only increased the number of calls or text messages sent back, but also changed the tone of their own voices dependent on whether they “hear” former friends or foes.

This suggests that men can remember specific female individuals for at least three months.

Memories previously thought buried in male brains provoke cues telling them how to respond when returning a call or text

The ability to change voice characteristics is especially interesting: In the case they hear a "friendly" individual they respond with a "friendly" call or text, asking “hey, what’s up?” Whereas when listening to a "foe," they exhibit lower frequencies with rougher auditory characteristics, asking “yo, what up?” This is an effect already described for other animal species.

Men respond to calls from previously unknown individuals with even lower and rougher tones of voice and thus try to increase the acoustic perceivable body-size, something akin to Kodiak Bears and other wild animals, wherein the larger, tougher animals have lower voices than smaller ones and angry, strong animals use rougher-sounding voices.

The duration of memory is well beyond the previously estimated ability for men, and the ability to remember the closeness of a previous relationship with a female has been shown for the first time in men, giving hope to females everywhere.

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Angel and Kirby said...

I am rolling on the floor. I have heard that voice change when My Husband answers a call from an unknown caller!

Sarah said...

My man totally does this, but denies it. And forgets out anniversary every year. Maybe there is hope lol.

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