Saturday, September 5, 2009

Three Seattle Kittens Adopted By Family of Small, Plastic People

Seattle, WA

Three kittens in lower Queen Anne are happy this morning, having been recently adopted by a Playmobil action figure called Lucy and her plastic family.

Lucy and her partially-articulated family of five were new to the area and had been looking to adopt a cat for her Mediterranean-style home in the Seattle Pacific University Neighborhood when she heard about the local Paws adoption shelter.

"We have the Playmobil kitties, they came with our house, but we wanted to try real kitties." Lucy said.

Lucy and her family's new Seattle-area home

Lucy went into the shelter with her plastic daughters, Hannah and Gisele. They were overwhelmed with joy and love for three kittens who had been abandoned by their mother only a few months ago.

“I feel it is meant to be,” said Lucy. “They are the most adorable kittens…I simply couldn’t decide on one, so I decided to adopt all three.”

Hannah was overjoyed by the kittens

Lucy adopted Quintus, Abracadabra, and the Outlaw Josie Wales, formerly of Bend, Oregon. The three siblings were abandoned when their mother packed her bags and ran off with a sous chef after the height of the ski season was over.

A volunteer from a Seattle shelter drove down to Oregon, rescued the kittens, and placed them into foster care until they were ready to go to Paws for adoption.

“We feel so grateful to Lucy.” said Abracadabra, a 1-year-old black domestic short hair male. “We have been given a new chance at life and a new home. We just hope she puts a blanket on her lap because those plastic legs look kinda creepy.”

Abracadabra says they are "...grateful."

The family arrived to sign the final papers after shopping for flowers at the Home Depot. "We want to create a pretty environment for the new additions." Hannah explained.

Gisele, getting ready for the new arrivals

All smiles, the happy family left the shelter together and are headed for their new home. Lucy's daughter Gisele said that adopting the kitties has made her more aware of the impact volunteering has on cats and thanks the thousands of volunteers who help kitties every day.

Lucy’s daughter Hannah was overjoyed by the presence of all the kittens at the shelter and said “I wish we could adopt them all." As for Lucy, she said "After all the hard work of setting up a household here...I feel my home is now complete."

"I feel that my home is now complete" said Lucy, pictured above

Black plastic cats are included with the purchase of the Playmobil Mediterranean house, according to Lucy

Sharyn Thoma-Guay reporter-at-large
Photo: Thanks Brianna Davis & Cleo

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