Friday, August 11, 2017

Local Cat Trapped In Sofa Crack For 3 Hours Says Crumbs In Cracks Kept Her Alive

It was longest ordeal of Peaches' life.

The 13-year-old Calico, who is a telemarketer, was watching TV Thursday night when she slipped and found herself ensconced in a large sofa crack.

She was about to shut the TV off and go back to bed, when the sofa cushions just "...Seemed to open up and grab me," she said. Peaches screamed for help, even called 911 on her cellphone, but 911 operators just laughed at her, and hung up. It would be nearly three hours before Peaches was rescued.

She twisted and turned, like a bug trapped in a web, fighting claustrophobia every minute of this grueling 3-hour ordeal, which was accidentally captured on a Nanny-Cam video surveillance camera.

Peaches is a telemarketer for Sears by trade

"After a certain amount of time I knew I was in big trouble," Peaches told "The Kitty City Gazette" today in an exclusive interview.

She had no watch, no food, candy, or water. Her only sustenance was Dorito crumbs she managed to find under the sofa cushions. "Dorito crumbs aren't a very good meal," she said,"they only make you want more Doritos."

The the most difficult part of the ordeal, she said, was going 3 hours without a French Cruller,a favored donut of hers. At one point, Peaches said she had terrible hallucinations about the sweet, tasty, donut.

"I will never call 911 for help again," Peaches said

She relieved herself by "...Peeing a bit, down into the rear of the sofa," she said. "I hoped that might be a signal to anyone behind me to think 'why is the sofa leaking?'"

Deprived of her bi-hourly naps, Peaches lay upside down in the sofa crevasse, trying to stay calm. Then she started counting sheep to pass the time. At one point she shredded and pried open one side cushion and screamed for help. The only response was silence.

She rang the 911 operators again, but couldn't take their constant laughing and teasing, so she simply gave up.

Split-screen Nanny-Cam video footage of the home showed other parts of the home, including three other sofas. The video showed cats occasionally napping on them, but no one seemed to hear her, or even give a crap.

Not a religious cat, Peaches prayed for help. After a terrifying three hours, Peaches, who was nearly delirious from hunger, exhaustion, and thirst, heard a laughing voice on the intercom asking if anyone needed help. Finally, she was rescued.

Sharyn Thoma Guay reporter-at-large

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